Webinar April 28, 10am PST: Effective Graphs with Microsoft R Open

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Naomi Robbins, author of Creating More Effective Graphs and Forbes contributor has teamed up with daughter Dr Joyce Robbins to present a new webinar this Thursday April 28, Creating Effective Graphs with Microsoft R Open. The webinar will demonstrate how to create a variety of useful graphics with R: comparisons, distributions, trends over time, relationships, divisions of a whole, and much more like this:


This webinar will be useful for anyone who wants to learns how to display data graphically with the greatest impact. The webinar will use Microsoft R Open, but since it’s 100% compatible, the code provided during the webinar can be used with any edition of R. The webinar will begin at 10AM Pacific time (click here to see your local time), and I’ll be hosting and passing your questions to the presenters. Even if you can’t make the live event, sign up to receive a link to the slides and replay, plus a free copy of a new 50-page e-book by the presenters.

To register for the webinar, follow the link below.

Microsoft Advanced Analytics and IoT: Creating Effective Graphs with Microsoft R Open


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