How to Improve Your Graphs in R

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I teamed up with my mom, EGMROcover Naomi Robbins, to write Effective Graphs with Microsoft R Open, which we just completed and is available for download. I enjoyed returning to coding after a long break, and it was a great experience to be part of a mother-daughter team. Naomi took responsibility for the theory on drawing good graphs, and I did the R coding. The guide is written on an advanced beginner level–it assumes that readers will have basic knowledge of data manipulation in R–but our hope is that anyone with an interest in improving their graphs will find something useful in it. We divided the material into sections based on the type of data: direct comparisons, distributions, trends over time, relationships, percents, and “special cases”: diverging stacked bar charts (see graph below) and linked micromaps. Code is available on Github.

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